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Q: I know some super-achievers who could benefit from Darren’s daily mentoring.  Where do I send them to get started? 
A: is the place to go.

Q: Can I share the posts through social media or forward it to others via email?
A: Absolutely! We make it easy for you by including social share buttons on each DarrenDaily video mentor session you receive where you can share the mentor sessions to either your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn newsfeed. You can also share the post directly via email by clicking the envelope button. Make sure to tag Darren Hardy in the post and hashtag #DarrenDaily so we see it! Let’s spread the inspiration and make this viral!

Q: I accidentally deleted / did not receive today’s mentor tip. Where can I find it?
A: Due to the size of the DarrenDaily community and the volume of inquiries we receive, we are not able to accommodate requests to resend DarrenDaily. To prevent the above scenario we recommend you whitelist and add it to your list of contacts (to assure they’re not blocked by your email security filters).  Also, it always helps when your friends and family are also members of the DarrenDaily community!

Q: Where are the transcripts?
A: Transcripts are not provided.  The main objective of DarrenDaily is to have a positive impact on you, your day and your future. Watching/listening in real time versus skimming copy is essential to this objective.

Remember, in less than 5 minutes you can shift the trajectory of your day, repeated consistently 260 days a year, will compound into massive improvement.


Q: I subscribed to DarrenDaily this morning but have yet to receive my daily message.
A: There is a 24-hour delay from when you subscribe and when your first message arrives. As long as you received the confirmation email and/or text upon subscribing with a subject line that reads, “Welcome to DarrenDaily,” you’re set up and ready to go!

Q: I stopped receiving DarrenDaily emails. Help!
A: First, be sure to check your junk or spam, social and promotions folders for the email from Still no luck? Most likely then your email account is blocking our content from getting through. This article explains the issue in further detail. But here is the quick fix for you first, whitelist and the site Not sure how? Check out THIS article. Next, add to your email contact list and preferred/safe sender list.

Q: When I try to listen to the audio or watch the video, it is not working. Help!

A: First, try clearing your cache. That often does the trick. Also, switching to a different web browser often solves the issue. We have found that Google Chrome works well for our video content.


Q: I want to stop the texting but keep receiving emails. How do I do so?
A: Simply text the word “STOP” to the number “569-55” and you will no longer receive DarrenDaily via text. You will continue to receive DarrenDaily via email as usual (as long as you are subscribed!).

Q: I am unable to access DarrenDaily at work… Is there any way to send them to me in a different format?
A: We are aware that some firewalls may be set up in your work space that prevent you from watching/sharing our videos! That bites! But have no fear we are aware of this and are exploring other platforms for you to access Darren’s morning mentor chats. So stay tuned!

For an extra challenge, go to bed 10 minutes earlier, so you can set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier, and have time to watch the DarrenDaily, BEFORE you go to work!


Q: Why did Darren create this program? What’s the catch?
A: Watch this video and I'll explain why!

Q: I love the content so much! Where can I express my thanks?
A: We love hearing that! It’s Darren’s passion to reach out and help achievers such as yourself. To help us reach even more people, feel free to share the link on your facebook page, twitter, google+, etc. Also, you can connect with Darren through one of the following for more success insights and to share what you love about the program: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram